Creating A Dog Friendly Backyard

Did you know that Calgary has one of the highest people : dog ratios in all of Canada?

That is right! Here in YYC we love our furry friends. Part of caring for a dog is making sure they have the space to roam and play outside to get some fresh air. That being said, here is how to make your backyard dog-friendly:

Purina writes, “Keeping your backyard fenced in is a great first step to creating a dog friendly backyard and ensuring that your dog is safe during his time outside. Make sure your fence is: Tall enough for your dog (some larger breeds of dogs need considerably higher fences, especially if they are energetic and like to jump around), free of gaps (it’s important to make sure that there are no holes or gaps in your fencing for your dog to sneak through), and sturdy (make sure your fence is sturdy enough so that any potential digging or jumping near the fence won’t cause it to topple over).”

Next, you’ll want to ensure that everything in the backyard is dog safe, from play structures to what grows in the ground! Clear the space of any junk that is laying around, as it could be a tripping or puncture hazard. Make sure sheds are closed tightly, pools and hot tubs are covered securely, and all other obstacles are cleared. Think of it this way: what would be unsafe for a toddler here? You also should fill in any big holes in the ground, and ensure anything growing, from flowers to vegetables, are safe for dogs to ingest. For example, hydrangeas are deadly to dogs. Be thorough.  

Purina writes, “Dogs love to spend time sunbathing, but it’s important that you provide them with shade and shelter so that they don’t overheat. While you can provide your dog with a dog house, you can also plant tall trees and bushes to give them some shade when they’re done playing. Always make sure to keep fresh water available for your dog as well.”

We want to keep everyone safe in your backyard, including your pets!

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