Creating Safe Play Spaces for Children

Having little kids in the home is often romanticized with visions of quiet playtime with blocks and the sounds of giggling wafting through the home. While sometimes dreams do come true, the reality is that having kids playing in your home is a little more complicated.

Homes are safe havens, but to the right amount of childlike curiosity, death traps. Unfortunately many children are injured in the home during innocent playtimes, which is exactly why it is so important to create a safe play space.

Safe play spaces are ones that are physically secure, tidy and engaging. Here are some tips on how to accomplish all three of these things:

Make sure the space you have designated for play is physically secure by ensuring it has clear physical boundaries. Depending on the age of the children playing, this can look like a baby gate, play pen, designated room or something else. Make sure any windows and unused doorways are locked and that all fixtures, like bookshelves, in the room are secure.

Keeping the space tidy also helps prevent accidents by removing physical obstacles to curious children. Many parents turn to simple organization hacks from people such as The Home Edit to make sure that every toy or game has a home. This will also keep toys and games from being damaged, and keeps your house more clean!

Engaging playtime is important. Not only does it stimulate young minds, occupy time and get out energy, but it keeps children more focused on what is at hand. With appropriate games and toys accessible, children are less likely to try to squeeze their head through a banister or jump off a landing.

What are your favorite safe play space tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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