Day 14: Christmas Tree Safety

We have all seen the popular holiday movie trope of a Christmas tree disaster. 

In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation the family tree goes up in flames after an elderly woman smoking sets it on fire. In Santa Clause 3, the Christmas tree star falls and shatters. These are movie tragedies, but realities for many people. One only needs to look as far as youtube to see compilation after compilation of Christmas tree mishaps. 

If you want to avoid a Christmas tree disaster this year, follow these simple Christmas tree safety rules:

1). WATER YOUR TREE: Nothing is a worse combination than a bone-dry Christmas tree and hot Christmas lights. Make sure you are constantly monitoring the water levels in the tree base, especially if you have thirsty pets. Doing so will help your tree stay green, smelling heavenly, and fire-free all holiday long. 

2). SECURE YOUR TREE: Invest in a sold base for you tree that will hold it upright without incident. You can get easy to use devices from places such as Canadian Tire. This will ensure that nothing--not even a curious pet--will topple it over, causing damage to your home, the gifts and the tree itself. 

3). BE A SMART DECORATOR: It's all fun and games to jump off of the couch towards the tree to try to get the angel on top when you're too short to reach up high, but doing so is asking for an injury. Use a steady ladder or stool to reach up high to decorate, and do so with a pal who can help. 

4). PLACE THE TREE WISELY: Make sure that not a single branch of the tree is near a heater, radiator, fireplace, candle display, etc. You may think, "it won't get THAT hot," but it will, and your Christmas will end in a pine needle fireball in the living room. Be careful and leave yourself some room between your tree and heat!

5). KEEP EXITS CLEAR: Do not put your tree someplace where it is blocking off an exit. In the case of an emergency, that tree will be one more obstacle between you and safety. 

Do you have any tree tips? Let us know and please share this with family and friends! 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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