Day 18: Unique Holiday Recipes

Have you started planning your holiday dinner menu? If not, you should! Planning ahead will help keep the holidays stress-free. It will also give you time to try something new! Forget the same old thing; spice up your next holiday dinner with these three unique dishes:

1). Appetizer: Caramelized Onion Tarts with Apples || These tarts are perfect to snack on before dinner and are packed with autumn flavors to warm up your winter. Here is the scoop: "You’ll start by cooking sliced onions over the stovetop, then stirring in chopped-up apples and a bit of salt and pepper. That mixture then gets spread over puff pastry and crème fraiche, which all goes in the oven for roughly half an hour. Use a pizza cutter to cut the tart into small pieces and serve" (Real Simple). Get the recipe HERE. 

Photo Via: Better Homes & Gardens

2). Main Course: Risotto || Skip the potatoes and make risotto instead. Chef Patrick Mooney says, "Risotto's creamy texture and deeply satisfying flavors ensures that it is welcome at any meal and with your own risotto [recipe], your guests will think you have an Italian chef hidden away in your kitchen." People generally have this strange idea that Risotto is difficult to make. While it does require careful attention to a good recipe, we are confident you'll be able to make it without issue! It could be your next Christmas staple. Get the recipe HERE

Photo Via: Impatient Foodie

3). Dessert: Layered Eggnog Blondies || Nothing says 'Christmas' quite like eggnog, which only comes out during this holiday season. Take full advantage of this glorious time of the year by immortalizing eggnog into a blondie (refrigerated for up to one week). "These treats have a split personality: 1 part blondie, 1 part eggnog cheesecake" (My Recipes). Sounds heavenly! Get the recipe HERE

Photo Via: My Recipes 

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