Day 20: Celebrating Alberta this Canada 150

This year we decided to launch a blogging series to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. We featured each province's history, how they celebrated Canada 150 in their unique way, and a list of some of the best places to check out the next time you visit that province. We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Canada and have been filled with a sense of wanderlust; we sure have!

In conclusion of this series, we are featuring our home and native land, Alberta. Like the rest of Canada, Albert has a rich history that long pre-dates any European contact. Aboriginal groups such as the Blackfoot, Blood, Peigan, Gros Ventre, Kootnay, Crow, Tsuu T'ina, Beaver and Slavey inhabited present day Alberta. Their first contact with Europe was not through explorers, but through trade. As Europeans traded metal tools and weapons for furs with the indigenous groups of the east, these items moved west. 

The Canadian Encyclopedia writes, "The first European known to have reached present-day Alberta was Anthony Henday, a Hudson Bay Company employee, who, accompanied by a band of Cree, travelled through the Red Deer area and likely spent the latter months of the winter near the present site of Edmonton in 1754–55." Soon more explorers came, the RCMP was established to monitor the whiskey trade and fight off Americans, and settlers began to arrive.

Alberta joined Canada on September 1st, 1905.To celebrate Canada 150 the Calgary Stampede threw a huge party! "Stampede guests [were] invited to watch a live citizenship ceremony, enjoy Canada 150 birthday cake and play [Canada's] favourite game at multiple, interactive hockey displays...  [They played] the national anthem Park-wide... and many food vendors around Park also [included] a tasty Canadian item on their menus" (Calgary Stampede). To top it off, the Grandstand show this year was bigger and better than ever!

Hit up these highlights in Alberta in honor of Canada 150:

Banff: There is a reason why everyone has heard of Banff. Banff has everything: a stunning main street with boutiques and treats, a natural hot spring, a historic hotel, skiing, hiking, glaciers, gondolas, wildlife, views and more. A stay in Banff is a literal breath of fresh air. Just one hour out of Calgary, it makes the perfect retreat or day trip. 

Chinook Honey Company: Everyone is worried about the bees, but with people like the Chinook Honey Company looking after them, there is no need to fret. Visit this Bee farm to learn all about the bees, see some live in action and shop a wide array of honey products, from skincare to jam to mead!

Train Travel: Travel Alberta writes, "travel the province the way some of Alberta’s earliest visitors did. Rail travel in Alberta is all about the journey. Now's a great time to start." Travel in style from Edmonton to Toronto, or hop the train for an evening of Polar Express magic. Either way, this a great way to see Alberta and beyond in all of its glory. 

What are some of your favorite places to travel in Alberta? Do you have a hidden gem to share? Let us know and please feel free to share this with family and friends! 

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