Day 7: Unique Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar's don't have to contain only chocolate.... here are 10 unique advent calendars for you to keep your eye out for next year: 

1). Saje Wellness Calendar: For the person on your list who is really into essential oils, this advent calendar will give them a mini bottle of every scent imaginable (12 of them, anyways). This is a great way for someone just getting into essential oils to sample a wide variety of them and to indulge in some exclusive, limited edition scents. 

2). David's Tea Calendar: This popular calendar regularly sells out, and it is no wonder why. Each day you get a mini tin of tea, perfect for 1-2 cups. Start off each morning in December with a warm mug of tea that smells like Christmas and everything good in this world. 

3). LUSH Calendar: Do you know that smell that wafts out of LUSH beauty shops in the mall? Well now your bathroom can smell like that all the time. For those of you excited about this idea, the LUSH advent calendar is a must-try! Complete with limited edition products, it will become a bathroom staple this month. 

4). Lego Calendar: Good things take time, which is why forcing your child to build a Lego set piece by piece, day by day, will not only be something for them to look forward to, but a great life lesson. These calendars can be found in many stores, including Costco and Walmart. 

5). Yankee Candle Advent Wreath: Yankee Candles smell like Christmas, so the idea to create an advent calendar out of them was obviously a major win. Light a candle every single day of December in the complimentary tea light holder (again, another great idea). We'll take 5, please. 

6). Craft Beer Calendar: The holidays can be stressful. What better way to relax than cracking open a cold one? There are many different brands of beer advent calendars, each with a wide variety of beer types and flavors. If you're wanting to find a new favorite beer, this is a great way to do it. 

7). Sephora Beauty Advent Calendar: A make-up lovers dream, this calendar is packed with products for your skin, hair, eyes, lips and heart. After all, there is no faster way to a beauty-lovers heart than free makeup, and new makeup every single day. Indulge with this gorgeous calendar!

8). Short Story Advent Calendar: Published by Hingston & Olsen, this calendar brings you 24 days of short stories to enjoy by yourself and with others. The best part about this calendar is that it is one of the few that you will get to reuse over and over again! 

9). Rogers Chocolate Advent Calendar: Yes, this calendar is filled with chocolate. However, this is not your local grocery store chocolate advent calendar. This calendar is decadent through and through! Savor full-sized chocolate treats in all of their traditional glory. 

10). DIY Calendar: Have you ever thought to yourself "Wouldn't it be great if there were ________ advent calendars?" With the help of Pinterest, you can make your own calendar stuffed with whatever makes your heart beat a little faster. Get crafty and treat yourself! 





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