DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

People are very defensive over when it is appropriate to decorate for Christmas. Some do it the second Halloween is over, other's wait until after Remembrance Day, some until American Thanksgiving has passed, and others don't dare hang a single string of tinsel until December 1st. No matter when you decorate for Christmas, the biggest task is always setting up the tree. 

Real or fake, putting up a Christmas tree is quite the task. Some homes simply do not have the space for a tree, and some people simply do not have the patience for a tree. If you can identify with one of these, we have a solution: DIY Christmas trees. Here are some examples of DIY Christmas trees that will save you time and space:

1). Pallet Tree: Cut a simple wooden pallet (which you can get for free from places like Home Depot and Canadian Tire) into a triangular shape. Paint it (if you like) and string some lights through it. Ta-da! (Picture Via: Jolene's Crafting)

2). Ladder Tree: Place boards across the steps of a ladder to create a platform for decor, whether it be Christmas Houses, ornaments, photos, etc. Add some string lights and you've got yourself a gorgeous decor tree! (Picture Via: Crafty Morning)

3). Paper Tree: Use craft paper or recycled Christmas cards to create the shape of a tree right on the wall (use blue sticky tac instead of tape to protect your paint). (Picture Via: Toddler Approved)

4). Branch Tree: Find tree branches n various lengths, then string them together with a thin piece of rope to create the shape of a tree. Hang it on your wall and glue-gun ornaments to it. (Picture Via: Apartment Therapy)

5). Go Small: If you want something that looks like a real tree, purchase a fake mini one! They fit comfortably in a simple basket and can be place on a stool or table to give them more height. (Picture Via: West Elm)

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