DIY Valentines

Valentines Day is this sunday. It is a day to celebrate the people you love, such as your significant other, friends, family, etc.. While it is easy to buy flowers and chocolate, we have complied a list of our top three favourite ideas for creative, DIY valentines that are sure to win the hearts of those you love.

1). ‘Open When’ Cards: The basis of this is that you give the person you love about ten different cards filled with love notes for particular situations, such as when they’ve had a bad day at work, when they are feeling lonely, when they have had a break through, when they’re missing you, etc.. This idea is a great way to give a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. It is particularly useful if your Valentine lives far away. Get creative and customize each card! It will definitely be appreciated.

2). Pamper Basket: This idea is easy to do but always comes across as lovely and thoughtful. Here is what you do: buy a cute basket or box (we recommend getting one from Michaels, since they have a beautiful selection that is almost always on sale) and fill it with things your Valentine loves, such as their favourite candy, a new book or magazine, their favourite scented candles, bath bombs and a tasty drink (we recommend a nice wine). Wrap up the basket and include a note about how hard the person you love works and how you want them to spend an evening relaxing.

3). Treat Yourself Day: On the popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, two of the main characters dedicate one day a year to treating themselves to whatever they want. For the one you love, give them a voucher for a ‘Treat Yourself” day, during which they get a day filled with all their favourite things! Whether this means a trip to the mountains to go hiking or a day at the mall, hold your Valentine’s hand and spend a day spoiling them. Not only will they appreciate this day a lot, but chances are they will return the love.

Have fun with these ideas! What are your favourite Valentine’s Day gifts?

Comment below with all of your sweet, romantic ideas and have a fantastic day!

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