Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas is a time when people splurge: on presents, food, decorations, anything that will contribute to a fun, festive holiday. While it is fun to celebrate the season and make the most out of it, there is a way to spread Christmas cheer without falling into the trap of cavalier consumerism that marks the 21st Century. Why is it important to find alternative ways to spread your ho-ho-ho’s? Because the Christmas season does not just affect your wallet—it also affects the environment.

North America is very conscious of its ecological footprint. Environmental broadcasting is prevalent and many cities are trying to go as “green” as possible. However, it always seems as though as soon as December 1st hits, this awareness goes down the drain. Suddenly, ads to protect our environment are replaced with ads for the hottest Christmas gifts of the season, and everyone becomes focused on nothing but getting the most out of Christmas. This is not an altogether terrible thing, until it begins to hurt the environment.

We would like to suggest attempting to have a more eco-friendly Christmas! It is actually quite easy to reduce your negative environmental impact around Christmas, so long as you are diligent and purposeful! Here are three ways you can make this Christmas a little easier on this beautiful world we inhabit:

1). Use LED lights to decorate your home! They are 90% more energy efficient than normal bulbs: they will save you money and help you cut down on energy consumption. Make sure you turn off your Christmas lights each night before bed, and wait until it is dark to turn them back on.

2). Omit harsh chemicals for old-fashioned elbow grease! Different types of sprays and coatings are becoming more and more popular to aid in snow removal. While convenient, these often contain terrible chemicals that will damage soil and get into the water systems. Instead, shovel your snow as soon as it lands to reduce ice build up, and use salt to aid in the melting process.

3). Recycle your Christmas tree! Calgary is fantastic about having an amazing Christmas Tree recycling program, which we will give you more information on when the time comes. If you don’t want to hand your tree over to the city, consider chopping it up for firewood, mulch, or compost!

What are some other small things you can do? Save gift wrap and bags, get rid of tinsel and replace it with popcorn strands, carpool to the mall for Christmas shopping, and light candles rather than electronic lights! What are your tips for keeping “green” during Christmas? Let us know!

It is possible to take care of the environment during the Christmas season, you just have to be extra diligent. Have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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