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Happy Halloween!

A spooky weekend is ahead with plenty of notable events. First, Halloween is on a Saturday! This means you can stay up late without worrying about waking up early for work or school the next day. Second, Saturday night there will be a full moon! Full moon's are always spooky, but with this one falling on Halloween, it's sure to add some extra moodiness to the atmosphere. Third, we say goodbye to daylight savings this weekend! That's right, Saturday at midnight the clock falls back an hour, giving you a full extra hour of Halloween!

Many people around the city are turning to at home events instead of big parties, careful to follow the new Alberta Health Services guidelines of limiting gatherings to 15 people again. Some families

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During this very difficult year, Calgary came together. We always knew you would, Calgary!

Time and time again, Calgarians show up for each other and help the most vulnerable, extending a helping hand and lifting up spirits. While traditional methods of volunteering may not be as easy accessible these days because of COVID-19, there are lots of ways you can support your city, community and closest neighbors. It's going to be a snowy weekend; time some time to spread some sunshine.

Here are some ways to give back to your neighbors:

  • Be a snow angel! Like we mentioned, the show is falling heavy all across the city this weekend. It is a legal requirement to keep the sidewalk outside of your home cleared, so while you're shoveling, keep going
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Hello, October! While events are slow to pick back up in full swing, a select few are following through while adhering to Alberta Health's strict guidelines. Here are some of the events happening around the city this month:
  • October 4: Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF)
  • October 9: RBC Live at the King Eddy
  • October 10: The Devil's Drive-In Halloween Experience
  • October 10: Hotel Balcony Concert Series: Sandman – The Only Sanctioned Metallica Tribute
  • October 7: Play The Parks: Calgary
  • October 12: Thanksgiving Day
  • October 21: BCA Annual General Meeting
  • October 24 - 25: Halloween Haunted House 
  • October 31: Halloween
Looking for other things to do this month? Check out The Calgary Zoo, Heritage Park, Telus…
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Like every other long weekend since March, people are looking for staycation ideas where they can get out of the house but keep safe and follow Alberta Health Guidelines. Here are some tips for this September long weekend to help you take a deep breath before school begins: 

The Town of Nanton: "You might also want to consider heading over to Nanton, one of the hidden gems in Alberta. There is a Bomber Command Museum that has beautifully-preserved vintage aircrafts on display. You’ll also want to visit the town’s candy shop which stays open for winter visitors and has sweet treats that you won’t find everywhere" (Calgary Living Magazine). There are also some incredible antique shops in Nanton!

Fairmount Palliser Hotel: "If you’ve ever had an

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As it has become abundantly clear that we still need to take extreme precautions against COVID-19, the events world has gone from cancelling events to making them virtual events instead. This is a great way to keep the fun alive and bring some sense of connection to people during these trying times. Here are some events happening in the City of Calgary--some live, when appropriate, and some virtual, when necessary. September 2: The Blue Jay Sessions: Anniversary Edition
September 4: (exp)lore Premiere
September 5: Garlic Fest
September 7: Labour Day
September 9: United way of Calgary and Area Kickoff 2020
September 12: Hotel Balcony Concert Series: Elton John – The Premiere Elton John Tribute
September 15: The Show Must Go On
September 17: Make-A-Wish…
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Calgary was first established as a city in 1894. Although we are a relatively new compared to our European neighbors, the buildings and communities that make up this beautiful city are rich with history. If the walls around Calgary could tell stories, they would be filled with adventure and resilience.

In recent years the city of Calgary has strived to maintain places with historic significance so that people can enjoy them for years to come. Rather than tare down the old to make way for the new, YYC is preserving and protecting places of historic significance. These historic sites are beautiful, educational and are more common than you may think. Heritage park may have an incredible collection of historic buildings, but the rest of Calgary has history

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Like so many other summer holidays, this August Long Weekend looks a little different thanks to COVID-19. Not only are the usual festivities cancelled, but as of August 1st Calgary's Mandatory Masks bylaw begins.

On the City of Calgary's official website they write, "in times of need or crisis, our city comes together to support each other. We are known for our kindness. For the safety and protection of our community, the City of Calgary will [now] require the wearing of face coverings or masks in indoor public areas and public vehicles. Our primary focus is on educating Calgarians on the importance of wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces and public vehicles, rather than enforcement.Failure to wear a face covering where required can result in

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Campgrounds in Alberta are always full, but this year most are booked solid. If you didn't book your campsite back in May when reservations opened, chances are you are going to have an incredibly hard time finding a spot. However, that doesn't mean you can't get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Alberta has a lot of overnight sights, but also a lot of day use picnic areas that are first come, first served. Unload your camper and spend the day by the water, roasting marshmallows and enjoying some camping, even if modified. Here are some day use areas near Calgary, Alberta for you to check out:


  1. Canoe Meadows
  2.  Two Jack Lake
  3.  Quarry Lake
  4.  Moraine Lake
  5.  Sheep Falls
  6.  Wedge Pond
  7.  Beave Lodge
  8. Forgetmenot Pond
  9.  Elbow
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Check out these great day trip options! Please keep in mind it is best to call ahead to all locations to learn more about what precautions they are taking and need you to adhere to due to the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic. 

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology: 

The Drumheller dinosaur museum is at the top of our list because there is so much available for you to do when you go there. First, enjoy the beautiful drive through the heart of Alberta's prairies that slowly turn into the badlands. In the town of Drumheller there are plenty of places to stop for lunch, along with over 30 dinosaur statues hidden around the town. Don't forget to climb the world's biggest dinosaur statue, a massive T-Rex standing 86 ft. tall, at the heart of Drumheller. The

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Happy July, everyone!

Following Canada Day this past Wednesday, Calgarians are ramping up for a beautiful summer. It was supposed to be rainy and gloomy all week but the skies are clear and, after months of quarantine, people are itching to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Unfortunately, large events are still cancelled in Calgary for the month of July. Thankfully, Avenue Calgary has lots of ideas for how you can have fun this month while staying safe! Check out these helpful resources:

  • 20 Best Things to Do in Calgary This July (While Social Distancing)
  • How to Golf Safely at City of Calgary Golf Courses
  • Virtual Calgary Runs Happening This Summer
  • 4 Calgary Walks We Love Right Now

You should also check out a number of

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