Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations

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Imagine this: Your backyard lawn is freshly cut, making the air smell like summers from your childhood. The flower beds have been pruned and watered, and a bouquet of blossoms are on the kitchen table . The fence has a fresh coat of paint and looks brand new, the perfect backdrop for an evening out on the deck. Speaking of the deck, it's new; you finally got around to replacing it after all these years. A cold drink is in your hand and you are surrounded by loved ones. The summer has only just begun and yet you are already finished your summer to-do list. How glorious!

Does that sound incredible? We would sure like to be relaxing on that deck alongside you! It may seem unrealistic; after all, summer always tends to be more busy than relaxing, and

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Winter is coming.

With snow arriving and more to come, it is officially time to do all the little projects you have been neglecting so far this autumn. After all, no one likes to do hard labour in the freezing cold. The weather is going to reach a high of 16 degrees on Saturday, giving you the perfect day to complete everything on your to-do list!

Autumn is a great time for finishing renovation projects you started in the spring/summer and beginning new ones to prepare your home for winter. Remember that home renovations are an important part of keeping your property up to date and in the best condition possible. They may cost you upfront, but they add incredible value to your property. We highly recommend taking regular stock of your home and

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We have all heard the phrase "this house has good bones." Those of us who watch HGTV know that a house having "good bones" is often used as a way to convince buyers that the property could be something wonderful, even though it is in need of a major makeover. A couple will walk into a derelict home, the wall paper stripped, ceiling beams exposed, stepping around holes in the floor, and their HGTV expert will say, "I know, I know. But it has good bones!"

The reality is that most houses that look like a mess are a mess. Not every decrepit home has "good bones"; in fact, not every nice home has good bones! Rarely will you be able to tell what kind of bones a home has without the eye of a home inspector. These professionals see through the grime and

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Summertime is in full swing and we are basking in the beautiful weather. This week the weather forecasts all sunshine and 25+ degree weather. If that is not something to celebrate, we don't know what is.

With so much nice weather on the horizon, not to mention the August long weekend, now is a great time to check off any summertime renovations you had on your to-do list. We don't want you to get caught mid-winter with half-finished projects, so here is your reminder to grind it out. Remember: if you get it done today, you won't have to worry about it tomorrow. 

Do you want to change things up but aren't sure where to start? Are you wondering what things you should be working on that you have not yet? Look no further. We have got you covered. Here is

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Outdoor living is both limited and limitless in Calgary. It is limited because our summers are so short here and we truly never know when winter will strike. It is limitless because Calgary protects its greenspaces and home-builders have made sure that backyards are bountiful. With the later in mind, we are on a mission to make outdoor living time count.

Backyards can either become an oasis of happiness and peace, or they can quickly become second only to a junkyard. While Calgary has strict bylaws about the condition of properties, many fail to utilize their outdoor space to its fullest potential.  

If you’ve been staring out the kitchen window wondering what on earth to do with your backyard this summer, look no further; we are here to help.

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Here in Calgary we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. While others need not be concerned with weather patterns beyond one season’s limitations, Calgarians must be ready for anything. Evidence of this would be the snow that fell in some areas of Calgary earlier this week. In July.

While these differing seasons provide us with spectacular sights–Golden forests in the fall, fresh blankets of snow in the winter, blossoming flowers each spring and pink august skies–the weather each season brings can put a lot of strain on properties. Shifting ground, sun-bleached surfaces, hail damaged paneling: all results of the way our often unpredictable environment can damage our properties.

Exterior finishing already

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Winter is coming.

Calgarians awoke to frosty windows and sub-zero temperatures this morning. With snow expected to hit the city sometime this week, it is officially time to do all the little projects you have been neglecting. After all, no one likes to do hard labour in the freezing cold

Autumn is the perfect time for finishing renovation projects you started in the spring/summer and beginning new ones to prepare your home for winter. Remember that home renovations are an important part of keeping your property up to date and in the best condition possible. They add incredible value to your property!

Here are three great renovations for your home this fall:


  • A fresh coat of paint is a great way to spruce up your home’s

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After a little bit of a rainy last week, the sunshine is breaking through here in YYC. The conditions are becoming absolutely excellent to begin your backyard project. There are a number of reasons backyard renovations are a sound investment for homeowners:

1). Renovations add aesthetic value to the property. Whether you personally care about this or not, future buyers will definitely care.

2). Renovations are part of being a good steward of your property. Little renovations here and there will keep your property up to date and in good condition.

3). Renovations add an incredible amount of value to your property. A simple fresh coat of paint goes a long, long way. Do not underestimate this investment opportunity!

We understand how daunting

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Imagine it is summertime. It’s not hard to, right? The birds are chirping, the sun is out, and Calgary is finally seeing the end of cold, snowy days. Imagine a cold drink in your hand, a bowl of fruit and good book at your side, and those shorts you’ve had buried under jackets and scarves all winter long. You can smell ribs on the barbecue, and George Strait is playing on the radio. Where are you? Outside on the patio! You don’t have a functioning patio? Well, here’s how you can make one.

Step One: Measure the area you want to cover and buy enough supplies to cover the space. We recommend using pegs to map it out beforehand so you get a good idea of how much space it will take up.

Step Two: Your patio should be elevated off the ground, or else the

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With spring comes a desire for something new and fresh, which is why many people turn to renovations. Home renovations are a fantastic way to add value to your home by investing in a future that is both aesthetically and financially pleasing.

Remember that renovations do not have to mean that you completely gut your house and start from scratch. In fact, some of the best renovations are the small ones. They are easy to do on your own and inexpensive. Small renovations over the years can make a massive impact on the quality of your home.

Renovations can become very pricy, so we have gathered a list of tips and tricks for renovating particular areas of your home. In no particular order, here they are:

Rather than re-paint all of the walls in your

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