FACT: Golfers Live Longer

As summer begins to wrap up, golfers everywhere are flocking to the green to get as many holes-in-one as possible before the cold comes and the courses shut down for the winter. While some may believe that golfing is a frivolous way to spend time and money, it has its benefits. Not only does it provide people with a community of fellow sportspeople, but golfing helps people live longer. 

You heard us right: golfing is good for your health, and that is all the excuse you should ever need to pull out the clubs. 

Jaclyn Law writes, "golf is an aerobic exercise that's good for both heart and lungs. It can also help prevent chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, strokes, colon cancer and breast cancer... Playing golf improves balance, muscle tone and stamina, setting you up for an active, independent lifestyle well into your golden years." 

Public Health Canada says that adults should get in two hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day, and golf is a very physical sport. Not only is the golfing itself an aerobic exercise, but carrying your set of clubs from hole to hole is excellent weight training. Law notes, "golfers using a cart burn at least 800 calories while playing an 18-hole course (est. 3 hours), and those who carry their clubs--a weight-bearing exercise that's healthy for your bones--burn over 1,400."

Golfing also helps improve your mental healthy. Not only is being in the great outdoors good for the soul, but being around a social community of people is a massive benefit. You will also sleep better because of the exercise, which is important in keeping your body functioning to its maximum potential. 

Overall, hitting the green regularly is very, very good for you, and we highly recommend doing so as much as possible! 

We want to encourage everyone to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. No matter what you're doing--biking, swimming, hiking or strolling--take advantage of the last couple of weeks of summer before autumn arrives full-steam ahead. 

Have fun! 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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