Father's Day

On Father’s Day many people like to give their father figure a token of love. As we explored with Mother’s Day, every person has their own love language. In this post we would like to look at how different gifts are suited to different ages of Fathers. So, we have gone through different stages of Fatherhood to give you some suggestions on what your Father may enjoy best!

Brand New Father: Father’s Day is such a special day at any age, but for brand new Fathers it is a completely new celebration of a role they have always wanted to take on. The Father has learned a lot already and is in for a lifetime of adventure. One gift idea would be to give him a book of advice on Fatherhood! Chances are he will really, really appreciate it, especially if the advice is from Father figures he loves and respects.

Father of Children and/or Young Adults: Nothing is more beautiful than Fatherhood, but at the same time few things are as exhausting. A good gift idea for this Father would be an evening out for him and his partner, friends, or self. This way he has time to relax and do something he enjoys before coming back home to a busy house full of the family he loves so much.

Experienced Father: When all of a Father’s children have flown away from the nest, the most valuable gift becomes time spent together. Take your Father out for dinner, go on a little day trip, go out for coffee, anything where you are spending one-on-one time with your Father. He will appreciate it more than any gift you could give him.

Have an amazing Father’s Day! We hope you spend it with the ones you love.

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