Finding The Perfect Neighbourhood

Buying a house is such an incredibly important decision. It is not something that homeowners do on the fly—any potential home needs to be investigated thoroughly and must be thoughtfully pursued. After all, a home is not simply four walls and a roof. A home is the garden in the backyard, the reading nook in the master bedroom, the driveway for basketball, the residents in the houses down the street, the stores and schools close by, everything that would be contained in your immediate surroundings. Remember: buying a home is not just about the property, it is about the neighborhood.

Calgary is an amazing city that is inclusive of everyone and every type of family. However, some neighborhoods cater to certain homeowners over others! Whether you have just moved out on your own, have little kids, or are looking for an empty-nester nest, Calgary has a place for you. Look for the following in the neighborhood of the house you are looking into, and you are sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

If you’re going to be moving somewhere with small children, look for somewhere with green space and parks for recreation! Many of the new communities around Calgary are really targeting new families by making sure they are filled with parks, schools, and easily accessible resources. Take advantage of this! It is such a thoughtful aspect of our city.

What do students need? Great transit routes, resources close by such as coffee shops and grocery stores for when it is time to get a part time job, and nearby recreation options! Help your student out by making sure things are close by and will promote healthy, safe extracurricular options.

If you are on your own, you’ll want to get plugged into a great community! Try finding a home in a neighborhood with clubs, recreational sporting league—really anything that involves your hobbies—and you are sure to find like-minded people! Make sure it is a safe area you will feel comfortable living alone in, and one with a thriving, active community!

The neighborhood your new home is in can make or break the experience, so choose wisely! When you see a home, talk to the neighbors, drive through it at night, explore the surrounding areas—do your research! Above all, find a safe community that you feel like you can call home. Need help finding a good fit? Talk to Ken Richter, your Calgary, Bowness, and Montgomery Realtor!

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Ken Richter

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