Finding The Right Retirement Home


Making the decision to find a retirement home can be difficult financially and emotionally. The reason? For most this means moving away from a home they have had for many years.

One local Calgarian described how difficult it was to make the decision to sell the home she had lived in with her late husband for over thirty years. They had made so many memories in that house, and poured their whole hearts into it. She noted that while leaving was hard, the transition gave her freedom to move into the next stage of life, onto the next adventure. Now she lives in a condo near her grandkids that has given her the financial and physical freedom to travel and spend more quality time with her family. She said the decision to find a retirement home was difficult, but so worth it in the end. 

Retirement homes don't always mean downsizing or moving into a care facility. Any home can be a retirement home, it just depends on what exactly you are looking for. One thing that a retirement home must be is a place you can see yourself living for the rest of your life. You never know what may change, but this is a place you are going to for long-term residence. 

When deciding what retirement home is best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What level of care and assistance do I need? If it is minimal, a condo close to family may be right for you. As long as you have people or services close by to help you as you need it, independent living can be totally doable.  If you need access to immediate aid and living support, a more traditional retirement home with full-time staff may be best. 
  2. What are your goals? If you want to travel and have the freedom to roam, don't spend all your money on something expensive. A small space to store your things and set up as a home base will be sufficient. If you're ready to settle in for the long run, make sure you find a place you love. 
  3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This is important to consider because of how different living spaces can be! Some traditional apartment style retirement homes have thriving social scenes, with plenty of events and activities. If you're not going to ever use these events because you're more introverted, don't pay for them! Find a quieter space where you can enjoy people, but not be exhausted by the activity. 

At the end of the day this is such an important, personal decision to make! We can't say what is right for you, but we would be happy to lend our advise! Call us anytime at 403.630.6363. 


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