Fun Home Renovations

Close your eyes. We want you to imagine a place. A magical place. A place where your wallet produces unlimited one-hundred dollar bills. A place where contractors and physical limitations are non-existent. Imagine an empty building. A space untouched.

Now, dream.

What colors do you paint the walls? What kinds of levels do you add? Are there secret passageways and slides coming out every window that all funnel into one beautiful, crystal-clear pool? No? Imagine harder! Dream big!

It’s unreasonable; the first thing you probably thought of was, “that is completely, 100% implausible.” Perhaps that is true—especially if you’re a big dreamer. However, what if we were to tell you that sometimes those “crazy” and “implausible” additions you wish you could have in your home aren’t so crazy and, in fact, are totally plausible?

On Tuesday we gave you the scoop on how to get started with a renovation. Today, we’re here to show you what some big dreamers did for home renovations! Guess what? Some of these renovations are totally realistic. Check them out!

1). Attic Pillow Room: Do you have an attic that holds only a couple of measly Christmas decoration boxes? If so, add some insulation, clean out the cobwebs, cover the place in cushions, throw in a T.V, and you have yourself the perfect movie night spot.

2). Ceiling Hammock: If you have a tall ceiling and the proper support structures in place, why not install a hammock? They are comfortable for reading and napping, and they had a really unique and funky addition to your home!

3). Secret Room: If you have ever read any book where one of the main settings is a Castle, then we are willing to bet that you have dreamed of exploring hidden passageways and secret rooms. As it turns out, you don’t have to live in a castle to have a secret place! Check this out!

4). Chalkboard Walls: Chalkboard paint is the new big thing, and rightfully so! It is super fun and very functional! Use it to entertain kids in a play room, for the pantry door to make shopping lists and tell everyone what’s on the menu, as a creative art space, etc!

5). Catwalk: Here’s to you, cat-lovers. These easy-to-build walkways for your cat will keep them entertained for hours. Want to bask in kitty-heaven? Install the catwalk!

Have you been inspired? Check out our last blog on how to begin a renovation and have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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