Fun Things To-Do In YYC

Summer is a great time to live in Calgary! As a city that does not get to see much of the beautiful season we all know and love, Calgary has learned to take advantage of the short summers and provides a wealth of activities for citizens to enjoy while it is still hot and sunny outside! Here are our top ten picks (in no particular order) of great activities to partake in and places to check out during this gorgeous summer!

1). Movie in the Park: We have all seen these in adorable romantic comedies. Prepare to live the fantasy at your local park this summer! Calgary hosts movies in the park all summer long in different places across the city. Bring a blanket, pack some treats, and head out for a movie under the stars with friends and family! Check out this link for movie times and locations:

2). Shakespeare in the Park: Alas, the breathing theatre cometh to ye city of old, Calgary! … Or something to that effect. You think you hate Shakespeare after being forced to read it in High School, but watching it live is an experience unlike any other. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be wildly entertained. Check out this link for play times:

3). Festivals in the Park: We promise this is our last “in the park” suggestion. Calgary hosts loads of festivals throughout the summer that you don’t want to miss out on! Check out this website for details:

4). Block Parties: Local government has really sought to bring communities together this summer by organizing parties to celebrate different neighborhoods in Calgary! Your area newsletter or a quick google search can get you in the loop on these fun festivities. If something isn’t being organized in your area, throw your own block party! Check out our article “The Perfect Block Party” to read tips about how to successfully make one happen!

5). Take a Float: The Elbow river is officially safe to float down after last year’s floods. Bring your own floaty, a canoe, a kayak, or really anything that can transport you along the river! It is a scenic ride and a great way to soak in some rays and see parts of Calgary you may have never seen before!

6). Stargazing: Nosehill is one of the highest points in Calgary and is therefore perfect for stargazing! Around ten o’clock at night, once it has gotten dark, climb to the top and check out the beautiful stars that hang above Calgary! The Perseid Meteor Shower blows through Calgary this August, so check it out!

7). Shop 17th Avenue: 17th Ave is the place to go if you are seeking unique shops, places to eat, and, of course, frozen yogurt. It has everything you could ever need, and is a great place to just wander around and check things out!

8). Calgary Classics: Check out all the amazing places Calgary is known for, such as the Glenbow Museum, Science Center, Heritage Park, the Calgary Zoo and the Calgary Tower! All offer great family prices and the chance to get the full, Calgary experience.

9). Compete: Since nobody likes to run in the wintertime, many of the 5K, 10K, Half-Marathons, and Full Marathons happen during the summer months! Check out your local Running Room for information on all the fun runs you can compete in!

10). Go Geocashing: If you have heard of this, you know how fun it is. If you haven’t heard of this, check out this link: Do you want to explore Calgary like never before? Do you enjoy scavenger hunts where you can be part of an underground, secret community? Then this is for you!

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy sunny YYC before it is too late!

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