Getting Back to Work After Holidays

Sweet, sweet winter break is ending for most Calgarians as offices open back up and email auto-responses turn off. Whether you did way too much during the break or nothing at all, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. For those of you who are already back at work, we imagine this week was rough. It is not an easy transition to make, but here are some tips:

  1. Plan for your first day back to work. Pack a lunch, make sure your bags are ready to go, clothes are laid out. Shower the night before, make a checklist of things to do in the morning, ensure your car has gas or your at home workspace is tidy. Do what you can to make the mornings easier!
  2. Make sure you get lots of sleep. Sleep is essential in giving your brain the rest it needs to function properly early the next morning. Don't take this small thing for granted, and take a Melatonin if needed and if advisable by your physician. 
  3. Treat yourself on your first morning. Order your favourite coffee, plan to order in a tasty lunch, break open a new day planner, call a friend, etc.. Do something special, big or small, to kick off your week and get you started on the right foot. 
  4. Take a moment to take in what needs to be done that first day. Chances are work piled up for you over the break, so look through what needs attending and make a priority list. You don't have to be all caught up by the end of the day. Make sure the important items are done first, and the rest can wait.
  5. Don't wear yourself thin on the first day. Give yourself grace! You may not be able to catch up or really get in the swing of things on your first day back. You may spend the day slightly out of it or overwhelmed with where to begin. Don't work until midnight; end your day when you normally would and go home, reminding yourself that tomorrow is a new day. 
  6. Plan something fun to do mid week or that weekend. We've spent months looking forward to the Christmas break! Now that its over, we need something else to look forward to. Start planning and dreaming.

2021 is all about giving ourselves more grace and accomplishing what's truly important!

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