Gift For Dad: Power Tools?

Whether it’s home improvement, home renovation or home repair, the desired outcome is to add value to your home. Many do-it-yourself dads have great intentions, but end up inadvertently causing structural problems and other defects. These amateur power tool users often get into trouble by cutting before thinking. What’s the good old rule of thumb: measure twice, cut once? Many ambitious do-it-yourselfers do just the opposite and have cut or nailed through pipes in a wall leading to water damage and major repair issues.

Kathleen Kuhn, President and CEO of HouseMaster, the most experienced name in home inspections says,”it’s easy for homeowners to get in over their heads with home improvement projects… collateral damage caused by such mishaps often show up on a home inspection report once the house is up for sale and the next buyer seldom wants to inherit a fix-it list spawned from do-it-yourself projects gone wrong.”

These days savvy homeowners are more proactive and stay ahead of major repairs and maintenance requirements by having an annual home inspection. Smart homebuyers always get a professional home inspection before purchasing a home because they know that once you buy a home, you’re on your own to maintain and repair it.

This Christmas, instead of a power tool why not a gift certificate for dad to hire a professional home reno and repairs contractor? While it may initially sound like a fun DIY project, one that may save a few dollars, giving dad that power tool may not be the best choice and he’ll thank you not gifting him with it at the end of the day. 

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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