Giving Back This Christmas

Many people cite Christmas as the best time of the year. They are surrounded by loved ones, get to eat delicious food and exchange gifts. However, Christmas is not like this for everyone. For many families Christmas is just another day of struggling to get by. It can be hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but please try. Can you imagine what Christmas would be like if you had to go without? This is a reality for people all over the world.

There is something really wonderful about having the privilege we do: we can use our privilege–our wealth, talents and connections–to help others. This Christmas we challenge you to find a way that you can give back. No matter how big or small you believe your contribution to be, giving back makes a difference. Don’t leave it up to someone else to do. Start a new Christmas tradition that includes giving back to the less fortunate in any way you can.

Here are some ways you can serve others this holiday season:

Volunteer Your Time: There are so many great organizations with hubs here in Calgary that aim to serve those in need both locally and globally. By providing education, shelter, food and material goods these organizations seek to give every person they work with respect and dignity. A simple way to serve the people of YYC is to drop off home-made Christmas cookies at any one of these locations. Remember, big or small, your contribution is significant.

Donate Your Gift: Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision work with people across the globe who live in struggling, third-world communities. With the former, you can donate toys, personal hygiene things, writing supplies, etc. and pack them in a shoebox, which then gets sent out to children in need. With World Vision, you can send a family something such as a bicycle, goat, chickens, education, etc. that empowers them and will serve them for years. World Vision will also send you a little envelope with the information of where your donation went that you can give to someone, thus donating in their name.

Reach Out: Find ways to encourage the people around you who you have noticed struggling. Do little things to cheer them up and help them out. Give back in any way you can, especially if you’re in a place where you have the resources to do so.

Here’s to the Christmas season! May it be one of kindness and love.

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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