Holiday Shopping Tips

Christmas is right around the corner! Did you know that December 21st is the busiest day of the holiday shopping season? It's estimated that 600-700 credit and debit card transactions are made in relation to holiday shopping and preparation every single second. That is absolutely astronomical! If you are one of the brave souls heading out into the wild Calgary streets this evening to finish your holiday shopping, we've got some tips for you:

1). Make a list, check it twice. Head to the stores with what you need in mind, and make sure the shops you'll be visiting have your items in stock. This will save you the stress of going from shop to shop, wandering around lost and confused. This will also help you budget out how much you'll be spending and will make you less likely to fall for those tempting impulse items. Check off items as you go along for that extra feeling of accomplishment!

2). Shop local! Skip the malls; parking is always a nightmare, and the crowded halls could make anyone feel claustrophobic. Instead, opt for brick and mortar stores whenever possible. In Calgary there is a shop small movement that encourages Calgarians to support local makers rather than going straight to the big box stores. Check out places such as Outside The Shape, The Livery and other small shops in Inglewood for some unique gifts that support YYC businesspeople! 

3). Give Back! Most of us have much more than we actually need, so Christmas gifts are usually supplementary, not necessary. Unfortunately, many families in Calgary and beyond do not have the luxury of Christmas gifts. You can help make their season bright by choosing to give to those in need in the name of those on your Christmas list. For example, World Vision allows you to purchase essential items for those in need globally, such as livestock, wells and more. When you do this, a letter is sent to you describing exactly how your gift will help others. Skip the earbuds, give a goat to someone in need instead.

Christmas in Calgary is such a wonderful time of year. We hope your final preparations for the big day go smoothly!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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