Home Searching Don'ts

Whether you’re looking for your next home now or you’re planning to pound the pavement this spring, be sure to avoid these home-hunting “don’ts”.

If possible, don’t bring the kids – at least not in the initial home-hunting stages. They can divert your attention from where it needs to be: on the homes. Also, children tend to either love or hate each property, so it’s best not to bring them along until you’ve objectively narrowed your search down to the serious candidates, at which time you’ll want their input. D

on’t bite off more than you can chew. Filter your search to a defined area; if you run all over town without focus, you’re bound to tire sooner. And don’t schedule too many showings for the same day – you might find yourself suffering from information overload and unable to distinguish between the homes you saw.

Don’t forget to bring along copies of your “needs vs. wants” checklist so you can measure how each property stacks up. At the very least, bring a notepad, so you can jot down your thoughts and questions about each property, so you have some point of reference to help you remember which home was which.

Don’t focus solely on the home itself – be sure to take note of its surroundings, too. For example, do neighboring properties look well maintained? Might the property be difficult to get in and out of due to traffic? What’s within walking distance? Is there anything nearby that might be a source of excessive noise or unpleasant odors?

Remember that an experienced real estate sales representative can help you negotiate through today’s housing market, and provide valuable tips on successful home-hunting, so give us a call! 

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