Home Security During The Holidays

Posted by Ken Richter on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 11:04am.

Christmas is a very popular time for people to go on vacation because many jobs suspend work hours for the holidays, children have time off of school, and the cold weather has people migrating south. Unfortunately, this season of trips is also a popular time for home theft. That is why we want to give you some helpful tips for keeping your home secure during the holidays!

Cancel or suspend any newspaper and flyer distribution to your household. One of the best ways for thief’s to know that no one is home is by looking in your mailbox or on your front step to see if newspapers and flyers have built up. If you don’t want to cancel or suspend your subscriptions, kindly ask a neighbor or family member to collect whatever lands on your porch and save it for you.

Make your house looked live in! Offer to shovel someone’s walkway for as long as they shovel yours for you while you are out of town, if you have a car in the garage, park it on the driveway instead, etc.. If your house looks busy, no one is going to try breaking in.

Alongside the outdoor hoax, make sure the inside looks occupied! Keep a couple of lights on and turn on the radio or T.V so that if someone does venture in they will hear that someone is there. If you can set automatic timers to turn these things on and off at different times, do that! If not, ask that kind neighbor to help you out again.

Keep doors and windows secure! Make sure an extra deadbolt is locked on every door, and place a wooden stick in the tracks of sliding windows and doors.

Keep your valuables out of sight! Invest in a lockbox for things such as passports, Ipods, laptops, jewelry, etc.! If someone sees a shiny new laptop sitting in plain sight, they will be much more inclined to try to get it.

Generally, make sure that it doesn’t look like you are away from home, while simultaneously making your home as secure as possible. And, as mentioned before, ask a neighbor to help you out!

Keep your property safe, and have fun on vacation!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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