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Keeping your home safe and secure while you’re away on summer holidays is extremely important. There would be nothing worse than returning from your glorious summer vacation to a mess back home. Statistics show that homes are most vulnerable to predators during the summer months and at Christmastime, because both are seasons where thieves know people are traveling and distracted. Here are some easy tips to help keep your home safe that don’t require a hefty down payment:

1). Get a Beware of Dog sign. Whether you have a menacing guard dog, an overly friendly companion , or no dog at all, Beware of Dog signs are proven to deter criminals. These signs are incredibly inexpensive and easy to post on your gates and doors.

2). Leave on a light and the radio. While someone staking out your house would notice the light has been on the whole time, someone wandering by testing doorknobs won’t. A little bit of light and some sound from within will help keep away opportunists, and won’t rack up your utilities too much.

3). Have a neighbor check on the house. Ask a neighbor or friend to stop by your house, water the plants, bring in any mail, and just generally make it known there is someone keeping an eye on your property. Invite them to park in front of your house or on your driveway, too!

4). Post a sign on your door that says, “Smile! You’re on Camera!”—whether you have a camera or not. Cameras these days are so small and indiscreet, someone looking through the glass won’t waste time trying to figure out if you’re lying or not. Again: a simple addition with next to no cost.

5). Make sure you’re following your insurance requirements! God forbid something does happen, make sure it will be covered without an insurance loophole. For example, many insurance companies won’t cover water damage if you didn’t turn off your water when gone for more than 48 hours.

Little preventative measures can make a big difference, and will help you enjoy your vacation without the stress of wondering if your home is safe.

Have a great rest of your summer!

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