Home Staging: Closet Edition

Welcome to our closet edition of home staging!

While potential home-buyers will hopefully not be snooping through every closet in your home, some of the major closets your home features will be looked into. People want to see what kind of space they would be working with. That being said, do not think that when your home is being shown you can stuff all your miscellaneous belongings into the closet and never look inside it again.

The great thing about staging your closet is that not only will it be beneficial when it comes time for you to show off your beautiful property, but it makes keeping your things organized so much easier. Give yourself and your home a helping hand and stage your closet. Here are our top 3 tips:

1). De-cluttering. This word strikes fear into the hearts of many, but trust us: you can do it. Pull all your clothes out of the closet. Make two piles: items you wear all the time, items you wear sometimes (for example, seasonal items like shorts), and items you always say you’re going to wear but never do. Cut each pile in half, wait a day, then cut each pile in half again. Give away the clothes that don’t make the cut and all the clothes in your “I may wear this someday but have yet to wear it more than once” pile. It may hurt your heart at first but it is worth it.

2). Invest into some serious organizational tools. A.K.A. it is time to visit IKEA. There are some beautiful organization closet inserts available, along with some really unique DIY ideas floating around the web. Figure out what you need to organize and find a system that works best given your particular needs. Make sure the design is sleek, clean and easy to access. You want it to aid you, not get more in the way.

3). Find another place to store your miscellaneous junk. This includes old books, sports equipment, gym bags, shoes, wrapping paper tubes, etc.. If there is absolutely no other place for you things, include spaces for them in your organization system.Your closet shout look open and fresh, not like a kitchen junk drawer. Remember to be hard on yourself!

Hang up bags of mint or lavender to give the closet a nice, fresh smell. Make sure to keep everything in its place, especially dirty clothes. They belong in the laundry basket, not stuffed onto a shelf. Have fun!

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