Home Staging: Deck Edition

Home staging is all about helping put your home’s best foot forward. It is a way to not only make your house more desirable to potential buyers, but it enables you to to add financial and aesthetic value to the property. While your house itself needs to be fully staged, do not forget about the rest of the property. Specifically, your deck.

Deck’s fall victim to nature’s vicious ways more than most other parts of your property. Paint peels, furniture gets blown away, barbecues lay dormant and crusty. Rather than merely straightening the chairs and table before people arrive at your open house, consider doing some of the following things:

Re-varnish your deck: A fresh coat of varnish or paint can be done inexpensively and makes a massive difference. It is one of those things that you may not realize is necessary until you’ve done it and seen the difference. So trust us and say goodbye to all the chips and scrapes from summers of the past.

Re-vamp your furniture: Sometimes old pieces can be made fresh again by replacing minor parts. For example, new seat cushions for your outdoor chairs can make a huge difference. However, sometimes you’ve got to bite the bullet and go buy new things. Places such as Walmart, Superstore and IKEA always have inexpensive, durable, cute patio furniture. Just don’t leave it when you move!

Re-think your decor: Furniture is not enough to make a powerful aesthetic statement. Consider what kind of deck decorations you can add that will survive the outdoors but also make the space more lovely than it was to begin with. For example, stringing lights above the seating area or adding potted flowers can make a huge impact.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! We always recommend looking around to see what other people have done with their backyard deck areas. There are so many creative ideas out there! Like we said, do not neglect this area of home staging. After all, not only will your deck look nice but it will also be nice for you to enjoy before the big move, too!

Best of luck, have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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