Home Staging During Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us! With the end of November festivities, lights are being strung and trees are being put up. Lots of people like to go all out with their Christmas decorations. However, if you are trying to sell your home, there is a dilemma: on one hand decorating will make your home seem warm and cozy, on the other hand no one wants to set up all their decorations only to pack them up right away upon sale. Also, Christmas decorations can make spaces crowded and busy. So, what is the solution?

When you are trying to sell your home over the holidays, it is important to do some decorating. However, it needs to be minimal, simple and effective. Here are some ideas of decor options to get you started:

Front Door: Rather than putting a bunch of decorations on the lawn and fake snowmen, stay simple with a nice wreath on the door. A wreath is perfectly minimal and decorative.

Living Room: Most people put up a big Christmas tree in their living room, but this makes the space crowded and trees are a hassle to put away. Instead, use some decorative pillows on the couch, hang a garland along the mantle, and purchase a fake little tree. Again: minimal and decorative.

Kitchen: Instead of setting up the nativity, porcelain Santa’s and more, set out some Christmas tea-towels, a bowl of fresh Christmas oranges, a Christmas-y table runner, etc.. Turn your basics into Christmas decor instead of adding more stuff.

Bathrooms: It never hurts to have a nice smelling hand soap that reminds people of the holidays.

Rooms: You can purchase scented pinecones or do-it-yourself, either way a bowl of these in the bedroom will make it smell heavenly. Again, festive throw pillows are a great addition.

Remember: keep things simple by replacing must-haves with Christmas themed ones instead of adding a bunch of decorations that will clutter the space.

Have fun with it!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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