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Nothing quite fills up our homes faster than furniture. A couch here, dresser there, bookshelf in the corner, coffee table by the TV… it all adds up very quickly. The reality is some things, like a bed and a couch, are essentials in any home. However, they also eat up precious space and can make rooms seem small and cluttered.

This becomes an important issue when you try to sell your home. So, what is one to do?

We have two words for you: clever staging. The reality is furniture can be hard to work around. However, by trying some of these tips you can eliminate as many negative side effects as possible. Read on to learn more.

Use your walls. If you can have big pieces of furniture, such as couches and beds, up against a wall instead of free-floating, it will give the room much more walking space, thus making the room feel more open, large and inviting. The walls are your friend. If you are having trouble doing this, at the very least make sure you make pathways.

There should be clear pathways in every room of your house. Pathways are invisible trails that are made from the way furniture is arranged. You should have clear, direct pathways connecting the spaces of your home. People shouldn’t have to zig zag, scoot around anything or crawl across things to get through a room. These pathways can also help direct movement and focus during a showing.

Finally, tuck in everything you can. Make sure the chairs at the table are all tucked in, that coffee tables are flush against the couch, that bedside tables are right against the bed, that desks are against the wall, that closet doors are closed, etc.. Keeping everything compact is your best defense against a lot of furniture in a small space.

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