Home Staging: Movie Rooms

This month we are going over some ways you can stage your media room. This is the room in your home that houses your books, games and T.V equipment. These rooms are really fun to decorate and stage because there is so much you can do with them. Here are some suggestions on how you can renovate, decorate and/or stage this room so that it makes the best impression possible:

A media room is where people go to escape their responsibilities. Make sure that this room caters to this by being cozy, welcoming and secluded. We recommend the walls be painted darker colours, such as navy blue, maroon, evergreen, grey, etc. These colours are relaxing and heavy, making people want to settle in and relax. Furniture should also be deep colours with lots of cushions and pillows for sinking into.

Keeping everything in the room organized is key. Make sure that you have appropriate shelving for all the games, books, DVD’s, consoles, etc.. By keeping them off the floor and organized by colour, title, genre, etc. they will be easier to access and less overwhelming to deal with. Keep things simple and clean cut.

Decorating in a media room can be minimal. People’s attention should be focused on their choice of media, not distracted by a bunch of decorations surrounding them. You can find some really unique ideas for ways to decorate a media room on websites such as Pinterest. A media room can also be a great way to display your favourite artwork. Just remember to keep it sleek and simple.

If you want to get really creative, consider adding a little snack bar in the room. Only do this if you have extra space as you don’t want the space to be overwhelming and crowded. However, if you can fit in a popcorn maker or mini fridge for refreshments this will make the space the perfect getaway. You’ll never have to leave (which may or may not be a good thing).

Have fun with it!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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