Hosting A Good Open House

Spring is here and with the budding trees comes the start of a busy open house season. With the weather so gorgeous it is the perfect opportunity for taking a lazy Saturday, getting a coffee and browsing through some of the beautiful properties on the market.

When you’re preparing to host your own open house, there is a lot you can do to make a good first impression. Today we go through how you can captivate each sense of potential buyers. Hosting an open house is more than having a property to offer, after all,

Sight: Captivate people’s sight by making a good first impression. Your front yard should be trimmed and taken care off, the sidewalk clean and the entryway free of clutter. The indoors should be just was well kept. Check out our past blog posts on staging your home for more tips on this.

Smell: Smells go a long way. We always recommend setting out some air fresheners with nice, subtle smells like fruity smells or fresh laundry. Overpowering smells are not welcome. Flowers are also a great tool for making your home smell and look fresh!

Touch: People love touching things. They will touch the countertop, touch the walls, touch the couch in the living room. Make sure everything they touch is clean! Consider draping couches with soft blankets, too. They are the epitome of cozy and home-y.

Sound: Whether you live in a loud or quiet area, subtle background noise is always appreciated. Consider putting together a playlist of gentle instrumental music for your open house guests to listen to. Keep the volume low–like everything else, you should be aiming for subtle, not overpowering.

Taste: Last but not least, consider making a good first impression on potential buyers by appealing to their sense of taste. Little treats left out are a fantastic way to go the extra mile! Make sure they are small, individual servings and that any allergens are noted clearly. We recommend pie bars! Nothing says home sweet home like freshly baked pie, after all! Here is our favourite recipe for this.

Good luck and enjoy!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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