How To Be An Informed Buyer

The real estate market is incredibly complex, especially given the unstable conditions Calgary has been in for the last three years. This means that now, more than ever, you need to be an informed buyer. Being an informed buyer is not as easy as a quick google search and a list of must-haves. You need to be fully equipped to navigate the market. Here are a three ways you can be an informed buyer:

Know Exactly What You Want: Knowing exactly what you want in a future home is important. Make a list of must-haves, a list of want-to-haves and a list of not-required things in your future home. Having this list will help you more easily decipher what home is the best fit for you. Also decide what you want out of the area of the city you are in. Are nearby schools, shopping centres or hospitals important to you? What about grocery stores, main roads or parks? Once you know what is important figure out what communities match those needs. Remember: location is everything!

Do Your Research: The best way to be an informed buyer is to do your research. Find our what communities will offer you what you want at the price you want. Know what the market conditions are currently like, and what predictions for the future are. Waiting three months could save you money and give you more to choose from, or buying as quickly as possible may be required. You need to be adaptable. We recommend visiting the Calgary Real Estate Board’s website at They have a lot of great resources that will help you.

Partner With A Realtor: Nothing beats the experience and expertise of a licensed realtor. You can attempt to buy a home on your own, but having a realtor to work with is well worth it. As realtors we can help you navigate ever-changing market conditions, give you insight into the various communities around the city, help you put together an offer and walk you through the closing deal, etc.. Here at Team Ken Richter we believe that our experience is your advantage. You will not be disappointed.

Be an informed buyer; it is worth it.

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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