How To Find Your Forever Home

Some homes are temporary landing pads. They may be a rental place while you save for your first deposit, a smaller property you use to build equity towards something larger one day, or something else. Whatever it is, it served you well, but now it's time to find that forever home people write stories about.

By forever home, we don't necessarily mean forever. We just mean a property that is going to be a long term home, where you will likely spend the majority of your years. This home will hold a significant place in your heart and memories, so make sure to choose carefully! The following are some tips on what to look for and keep in mind as you search for your forever home:

First, recognize that this isn't a situation you need to rush into. Take your time to find the perfect home, in the perfect location, at the perfect price. The real estate market is ever evolving, so you're not ever going to miss out on your golden opportunity. There will be plenty of golden opportunities, so don't rush into something out of fear it's your one-in-a-million moment and if you miss out your dreams are over.

Second, take time to really consider what is best for YOU; not your mother, your friends, or a nosy co-worker. This is YOUR home. This means you get to find what is the best fit for you, not other people. If you choose a home based on what other people want or what you think you should want, you'll end up unhappy. This isn't about the picture perfect American dream, this is about your dream. Be true to yourself, your needs and your desires. 

Third, make sure you do this right. Go to your bank and get pre-approved for a mortgage, make sure you can put down a hefty deposit, work with a licensed real estate professional who cares about your goals and not just their bottom line, see as many properties as you need to, make offers you feel good about, make sure an inspection is completed and that all due diligence is complete, and make sure when you sign on that dotted line, you feel peace. 

Ken Richer wants to help you find your forever home. Connect him today directly at 403-630-6363.

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