How To Get The Job

Getting a job has become harder than ever before. Having a degree does not cut it anymore. Workplaces are looking for people with years of experience, the ability to adapt to new innovations and individuals who will be a long term asset. Thus, the job market is highly competitive and incredibly difficult to break into.

The problem is threefold: young adults fresh out of University in search of a job to pay off their student loans don’t have years of experience to back them up, the majority of people in search of a job have outdated knowledge of the industry they are attempting to get a job in or no knowledge at all, and the average job that people are desperately trying to get is not their dream job, so unless the salary and benefits are amazing, they may not be committed to being a long term asset to the company.

Regardless, we all have to be fully functional members of society. Part of this is getting a job to pay the bills! Here are three tips on how to secure a job in a tough market:

1). Get Perspective: Before you even send in a resume, do some research on the company you are applying for. What are they looking for in a job candidate? You can cater your resume to reflect the qualities/skill sets they are looking for based on your experience. What are problem areas the company has and how can you help solve those issues/fill a gap? If they ask you what you know about the company, you want to be prepared. Do your do-diligance.

2). Get Creative: Don’t just send off an email with a cover letter and your resume. Apply online if it is required, but go in person to the location you wish to apply at and introduce yourself to the hiring manager. After two weeks, give them a call to ask if you can meet to discuss employment opportunities. Send them a hand written note thanking them for the interview opportunity.

3). Get Noticed: Find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the candidates. Whether it be a humorous anecdote during your interview, a particularly unique skill set, or even the personal touches we mentioned in tip two, find a way to stand out!

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Ken Richter

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