Loving on Your Home

They say there is nothing quite like home-sweet-home, and they're right. Our homes are where our families grow, our treasured possessions are kept, our pictures are on the wall and our memories are made. When we're not at home, we crave our bed and miss knowing just how much to turn the tap to get the perfect temperature of water. Our homes are deeply personal, a major part of our lives. 

Perhaps we're getting sentimental. After all, Valentine's Day is just one week away. However, we are firm believers in the importance of a home, not only because so many people are not fortunate enough to have one, but because homes do play a major role in our lives. 

We love our home! But do we always treat it with love? No. Sometimes we let it fall into disrepair. We neglect to clean that one spot in the kitchen, to fix the stairway bannister, to clean out the rain gutters. We fail to do the small things that will help our home last longer, because they are inconvenient, not a priority, or, simply, forgotten. 

This Valentine's Day, we challenge you to find ways to love on your home. It is an important part of your life, so make sure you treat it as such. Here are some small things you can do to love on your home to prevent major issues in the future:

1). When things expire, replace them. Things such as smoke detectors, power strips, fire extinguishers, cleaning products and surge protectors can all expire. Make sure that you know when they expire and replace them as required to prevent major issues and in some cases, total disasters. Invest now, save later. 

2). Do your spring cleaning. Clean out the rain gutters, sweep out the shed, purge the storage room, power wash the side of the house, etc.. Spring cleaning may be annoying and seemingly unnecessary to those who don't particularly like elbow grease, but it will help you have a safer, cleaner summer.

3). Regularly touch up things. Patch the holes in the wall, paint over scratches, scrub away scuffs, redefine the garden boundaries,  seal cracks in the driveway, grease up squeaky hinges, etc.. Take some time to go through everything in your home and greater property area to make sure it is all in good condition. Again, doing these small things will help protect your property against major disrepair.

4). Personalize your home. Get cozy! You own the place, after all. Update the photos on the wall, replace those old bed linens, do that small bathroom Reno you've been meaning to, turn unused spaces into small oasis's, whatever you like! Make your home a space you love and enjoy every second of it!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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