Ice Cream in YYC

July is National Ice Cream month! Finally, a month where our ice cream habit has a good excuse. Surprisingly, for a city that is so cold with not ideal ice cream conditions, Calgary has a great ice cream scene. YYC has stepped up its game when it comes to frozen treats and we are so excited to share them with you. Without further ado, here are some great places to grab a scoop in YYC:

1). Made By Marcus: This company began on the streets of Calgary, using festivals and markets to share their delicious ice cream with the world. They opened their flagship store on 17th Ave and have a new location coming to Hillhurst later this month! The ice cream flavours are decadent and surprising, like Beets & Cream. Our favourite is the White Chocolate Birthday Cake Bar, complete with tiny crumbs of birthday cake on top. YUM! For more information visit their website HERE.

2). Village Ice Cream: This wonderful company has become a Calgary classic, swiftly capturing the masses with their hip, chill vibe and delicious treats. Village Ice Cream is made in house with the richest, creamiest flavours. They don’t shy away from trying new things, and though they are always busy, their service is great. Our favourite flavour of theirs is the Earl Grey! For more information visit their website HERE.

3). Fiasco Gelato: Even though the name of their company would make most presume they carry Gelato, not ice cream, Fiasco has some amazing ice cream options. Plus, Gelato is basically ice cream, right? Right now our favourite is the Cookie Dough flavour! It is incredibly rich without being overwhelmingly sugary. Look out, Fiasco is on the move and ready to take over the YYC ice cream scene. For more information visit their website HERE.

4). Family Freezed: Family Freezed may be a newer company, but they swiftly won over our hearts during the Stampede where their Mini Doughnut Ice Cream Pop won the midway food competition. They have tons of flavours for you to enjoy, and we recommend trying every single one. If you’re looking to enjoy National Ice Cream Month in the most Calgarian way possible, buy yourself a Mini Doughnut Ice Cream Pop and thank us later. For more information visit their website HERE.

Eat lots of ice cream, this month is almost over!

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Ken Richter

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