Inexpensive Ways to Go Green

Scientists around the world may not agree on everything, but the one thing they are sure of is that we need to make significant changes if we want this planet to sustain human life in the future. For years now we have been warned of climate change, a nasty side effect of human's ecological footprint on this earth. While some people say we are already doomed, the reality is that we have the power to help this planet thrive so long as we are willing to act now.

Owning a home has a big ecological footprint. The space your home sits on is no longer a natural habitat, the structure itself is built of cut down trees and products that will not biodegrade, oil and gas are needed to keep the space warm during the cold winter months, water is used to wash your dishes and yourself; not to mention your greater community (think of all the grass paved over to make roads) and the city beyond (think of all the pollution the average office building creates). While inevitable, we do make an impact on this earth.

There are many things you can do to help give back to our favorite planet and help make your ecological footprint smaller. You may think that your small changes won't do much, but trust the scientists: it will! How wonderful to be a part of such a positive change so that generations of people may enjoy our gorgeous world. Here are some inexpensive changes you can make to help the environment:

Use your blue recycling bin and green composting bin! Before you throw anything in the black bin or a trashbag, think to yourself, "am I absolutely positive this cannot be recycled or turned into compost?"

Speaking of trash, try to create as little as possible! Shopping for bulk foods, refilling jugs instead of buying cans, using washable paper cloths instead of paper towels, avoiding goods with excess packaging; all of these little things will help you produce less trash.

Make sure your home is all sealed up! Go around your house on a cold day and feel for where cold is seeping in. Windowsills and doorways can easily be reinforced to help keep out the cold, thus avoiding the need to crank the heat. You'll save money and cold toes!

 Install smart lighting that you can control via an app on your phone. Everyone forgets to turn lights off sometimes; this way you can control your lights even from work!

 All these small things can make a big difference. Go green today!

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