Landscaping That Thrives in Heat

This summer it is going to get HOT. Our summers have consistently been experiencing higher levels of heat, for longer durations. While this makes some people want to stay inside, parked in front of the AC unit, we want you to still enjoy the outdoors! With that in mind, here are some tips for landscaping that beats the heat:

First, invest in a Pergola! These are your new best friend. The structure themselves offers shade from the sun, even more so in time as flowers grow across it. Not only is it functional for helping to add shade, but they look beautiful and can become quite the garden statement piece. Pergolas can also be adapted to any size or design you want, making them functional for any space.

Second, embrace nature! Instead of clearing your backyard of trees, be grateful to have them. Do not over-trim them. Their branches offer the space so much shade, which will help you, your grass, and your gardens. Trees strategically planted to block some of the sun during it's hottest points in the day can make a massive difference. 

Alongside trees, consider plants and vegetables that will thrive in the heat. You're not the only one sweating; extreme heat can kill gardens. If you want to enjoy long-term beauty, make sure your plants are as heat and drought resistant as possible. Especially here in Calgary, do not plant anything that requires high humidity, cloud cover, or rain. 

Finally, find a creative way to add a water feature. We're not just talking about a pool--though, if you have the space and resources they are a great joy to have during the hot days! Sprinklers, water mats, garden ponds and more are all great ways to add the cooling property of water to your space, even if it's just to dip your toes in or run a hand through. 

You may not be able to prevent the hot days from coming, but you can prevent them from keeping you locked up inside. Embrace the heat, Calgary

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