Making New Year's Resolutions That Count

Happy New Years!

This new year is a time for fresh starts, new goals, and constantly scratching out “2014” on paperwork to replace it was “2015”. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the year 2000, and now look at us! We have all come so far, and we are so excited to see what the future brings.

What’s the most popular thing to do at the start of the New Year? Make resolutions! A New Year’s resolution is a promise to start doing something new, or to start changing up the way you used to do something. What are the top three New Year’s resolutions made when the ball drops and the clock strikes midnight? According to the University of Scranton, they are: 1). Lose Weight, 2). Get Organized, and 3). Spend Less and Save More.

All of those are nobel resolutions, and chances are at least one of them is on your list. However, while nobel in thought, resolutions don’t tend to last long. Gyms across the globe report seeing a massive increase in clients from January 1st-14th, which is, coincidently, the approximate length a resolution lasts. Resolutions are hard to keep, but worthwhile if you are able to stick to them!

So, how do you make a resolution that counts? A resolution that will last longer than two weeks? This is how:

1). Be realistic. Do not set massive, unreasonable goals for yourself. If you believe it you can achieve it, but you are also only human. Structure your goal like a set of stairs. For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, that goes at the top step. The first step could be getting a gym membership, then finding a workout routine that will give you results, changing your diet, then changing your daily routine to be more healthy. Start small and work your way up! This will ensure you don’t get discouraged when your goal is not met after a week.

2). Be specific. While it is wonderful to make a resolution that you are going to find “inner happiness”, be more specific: what does “inner happiness” look like to you? Being specific will allow you to better set those tiny goals we mentioned above that work toward your greater resolution, and will help you to stay focused. Remember that most resolutions go hand in hand with other resolutions. For example, a great way to be happy is to be healthy and well organized, so both of those smaller resolutions may fall under the umbrella of the larger resolution. What other small resolutions do you need to make in order to achieve that larger resolution?

3). Be invested. You are not going to achieve your new goals if you do not invest in them. Buy new equipment, set aside significant time to work on them, mentally give them your all. Be invested, and they will invest in you.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comment section below, and good luck! Remember: be realistic, be specific, and be invested!

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Ken Richter

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