Making The Most Out of The Summer


Summertime is one of the most anticipated seasons in Calgary for two reasons: 1). It is a welcome respite from the snow and often unpredictable weather, and 2). It is the shortest season we experience. Lasting only two months between rainy springs and crispy falls, summers in Calgary are short but sweet. This is why Calgarian's are always determined to make the most out of their summers. 

We always recommend starting summer with a list of all the fun things you want to do. Popular items on this list are:

Play in the pool at Bowness Park

With only three weeks before summer ends and school begins, we suggest you dust off the list you made and promptly forgot about. Pick things on your list that are time sensitive - like floating down the river with friends or seeing Shakespeare By the Bow - and make a conscious effort to set time aside so you can do those things. Make your time this summer a priority, not an afterthought. You can snuggle up on the couch watching Netflix when it's cold out and the snow arrives. For now, get outside and make the most of your summer!

It's not too late to make some memories this summer. Don't let your list intimidate you or add any pressure to your summer, but do step outside your comfort zone. Trust us, you will be glad you did!

Have fun!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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