Making Your Offer Stand Out in A Competitive Market

Calgary is in the midst of an incredibly hot real estate market. Here are some tips for making your home offer stand out: 

Get Background Information: suggests, "ask your agent to get the inside scoop of what the seller may want by asking the listing agent... Some sellers prefer you use a specific title company or have a specific possession date that would align with a date that is convenient for them. The more your offer aligns with the seller’s goal, the better a chance of getting your dream home."

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Lindsey Hood writes, "if it’s a home you don’t want to miss out on, make a strong offer from the start. Don’t underbid with the expectation that there’s room for negotiation. In a desirable market, you should come in as close to asking price as possible or even slightly above. If you come in under, you may risk being flat out rejected, especially if there are already better offers on the table."

Get Pre-Approved: This is essential. Our Humble Aboden notes, "many sellers will take pre-approvals into consideration when determining whether or not to accept an offer, especially if they have received multiple offers. An offer with an attached pre-approval gives the seller peace of mind that if they chose to accept this offer (essentially, discontinuing marketing efforts to sell the home), the sale will go through and they will not miss out on potential buyers."

Consider Your Options: House Beautiful reminds buyers that "in a competitive market, there's a good chance  that your offer might not be the winning one. With this in mind, it's wise to go into the process aware that you may well have to make a few offers before one is accepted—so don't put all your eggs (and home-owning hopes) in one basket."

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