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Congratulations, Calgary! The Calgary Real Estate Board, also known as CREB®, had incredible news to share in their February market report summary: “With gains in every price range, residential sales activity in February totaled 1,836. This reflects the best February since 2014.”

Time for a happy dance! This is wonderful news considering the last year we have had navigating a COVID-19 world. While we experienced the shock of a global pandemic in 2020 with a near pause in the market, the new year continues to push ahead with strength and optimism.  

CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie says, “Despite continued COVID-19 restrictions, housing activity continues to improve. Much of the strong sales activity is expected to be driven by exceptionally…

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The title of the Calgary Real Estate Board's latest report on the Calgary housing market is: "January sales signal strong start to 2021!"

On that positive note, here are some of the highlights from their summary:

  • January sales were the highest they have ever been since January 2014. Considering the year we just came out of, this is an incredibly positive indicator of a stronger market and recovering economy. 
  • Improved sales were recorded in all home categories, from affordable single bedroom condos to sprawling luxury estates.
  • Chief Calgary Real Estate Board Economist Ann-Marie Lurie notes, "Discount lending rates are exceptionally low, which is likely attracting all types of buyers back into the market. New listings in the market were…
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Yesterday the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) held their annual forecast, giving insight into what we can expect from the real estate market in 2021.

Their report was incredibly positive, which is good news to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest! 2020 was a difficult year for Calgarians, which was reflected in the real estate market. However, in the last quarter there were major improvements.  

Here are some of the highlights from their report:

  • CREB® Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie says, "It is expected some of the momentum recorded at the end of 2020 will continue into 2021, fueled by exceptionally low lending rates and pent-up demand... sales are expected to rise by nearly five per cent on an annual basis in 2021."
  • "Calgary did…
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Here are some of the highlights from the Calgary Real Estate Board's December Real Estate Monthly Statistics Review:

  • "With December sales of 1,199, this is the highest December total since 2007." - CREB® December Report
  • "The number of sales exceeded the number of new listings in December contributing to further declines in inventory." - CREB® December Report
  • "Annual sales activity declined by one per cent compared to last year and remain well below long-term averages." - CREB® December Report
  • "The recent gain in the benchmark price was not enough to offset earlier pullbacks as the annual residential benchmark price in Calgary declined by one per cent over last year." - CREB® December Report
  • "Housing demand over the second-half of…
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The year of 2020 has been unprecedented, to say the least. This has had incredible impact on the Calgary, Alberta real estate market. Back in April we saw a near standstill in the market as the entire world shut down. Many feared this would have long-lasting impacts on our already struggling economy and real estate market. Despite the naysayers, the Calgary real estate market has outperformed expectations and risen from the ashes. There is still a long way to go, but trends are looking positive and worth holding hope in.

Each month the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) releases a summary at the top of the month of what happened in the market the previous month. Here are some of the highlights from their latest report on October 2020, which you can…

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The Calgary Real Estate Board has released their statistics summary giving you the low down on what happened in the real estate market last month in September 2020. If that sounds like a boring read, here is one very important reason why you should care: the people who are most successful in real estate are those that are informed. The information that the Calgary Real Estate Board provides is packed full of details you do not want to miss. Next to your real estate agent, it is the best place to go to learn about the market so you can strategize how to get the most out of buying, selling or investing.

Here are some of the highlights from the September 2020 summary to give you important insight into what October 2020 and beyond could look like: 

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The Calgary Real Estate Board has released their monthly Calgary real estate statistics summary, this time for the month of August. Here are some of the highlights from the report that are important for you to know, whether you're looking for a house, own a house, or would like to own a house one day.

  • "Total residential sales in August were relatively stable compared to last year with year-over-year gains in the detached and row sectors...With 1,573 sales in August, this is consistent with levels over the past five years. Year-to-date sales activity remains nearly 13 per cent below last year."  - CREB August Report
  • "Recent national reports have shown a bounce back to new record levels over the past several months. Calgary has seen…
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It's that time of the month again! The Calgary Real Estate Board has released their monthly statistics summary going over what happened in the real estate market in Calgary, Alberta for the month of July. Sometimes people can find statistics like this boring, but here are three reasons why you should know what is happening in the Calgary real estate market:

  1.  The Calgary real estate market and the Calgary economy are directly correlated. Wondering how our economy is doing? Check out the real estate statistics.
  2.  The most successful buyer, seller or investor is the most informed one.
  3.  If you're not buying, selling, or investing anytime soon, these stats can show you how things are trending so you can strategically plan your future moves. 
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The June 2020 Calgary real estate statistics summary was just released by the Calgary Real Estate Board, also commonly referred to as CREB. Here are some of the highlights from their report:

  • "After three months where COVID-19 weighed heavily on the housing market, sales activity in June continued to trend up from the previous month, totalling 1,747 units."
  •  "monthly sales are nearly two per cent lower than activity recorded last year."
  •  Chief Economist Ann-Marie Lurie says, "recent price declines, easing mortgage rates and early easing of social restrictions are likely contributing to the better-than-expected sales this month. However, the market remains far from normal. Challenges, such as double-digit unemployment rates, will continue to…
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In 2013 when flooding ravaged our beautiful city, the Calgary Stampede released their new slogan for the year: "come hell or high water." In a lot of ways the onset of Summer 2020 has felt similar to 2013, as COVID-19 continues to impact our city. There is a sense of fragility, weariness, and uncertainty about what is to come. People are wondering how as a city--and a world--we will ever come back from the ways this pandemic has impacted us politically, economically, mentally and physically. However, just like in 2013, Calgarians are standing strong, come hell or high water.

In 2020 we have seen and experienced unimaginable suffering. We have also seen and experienced inspiring heroics and hope. The City of Calgary has pulled together to make sure…

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