The Value of a Spec Home

Building a home is a rather dreamy process. You get to pick where exactly to build your home and what it will look like. You finally have an excuse to be on Pinterest all the time, searching for décor and design ideas. You will be the first-ever owner in a home truly customized to your every desire. Sounds wonderful, right?

For those who can afford to build a new home from scratch, the process can be very rewarding. However, it often involves unexpected expenses, long wait times, stressful decisions and inevitable compromise. Lucky for you, there is another option for people wanting a brand new home: spec homes. 

Spec homes are built and designed by a contractor, not due to a contract with a buyer to build a home, but in hopes of finding a buyer to move into the home. While you may have to put aside your Pinterest board and release your dream of having a secret doorway to the office room, Spec homes offer many advantages: 

  1. Time: Spec homes typically have quick possession dates, ready for occupancy in 30, 60 or 90 days. Because you do not have to wait for the old owner to move out of the home, as soon as the home is finished and ready to be occupied it is yours!
  2. Design: Spec homes are made to be top-of-the-line, offering pristine features and modern designs. They are thoughtfully designed to attract buyers who may be looking in the area the property is located in. If you purchase the home before it is finished being built, you may also get a say in things such as wall colors, appliances and other finishing touches. 
  3. Warranty: When you buy a new home, it comes with a warranty. This means that you are protected from any issues that may arise with the property, and that the builders are held responsible for anything they did not build properly. Having this warranty will save you time and money! You are the first owner; there should be no pre-existing issues with the property. 
  4. Peace of Mind: There won't be any skeletons in your closets; you're the very first owners.

Does a spec home sound like the perfect fit for you? Contact us today at 403-630-6363 to learn more about them and to find the perfect spec home for you!


Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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