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Looking for something fun to do in New Brunswick during your next visit? Have we inspired you to get out east and explore the beautiful Maritimes? Here are three hot-spots you do not want to miss on your New Brunswick adventure:

The Bay Of Fundy: World-renowned, awe-inspiring, a true gem--these are all words used to described the magnificent Bay of Fundy, where tides are high. Tourism New Brunswick writes, "the Bay of Fundy tides are best explored at The Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk around the famous 'flowerpot rocks' at low tide then watch them slowly disappear. Bike along the Fundy Trail, rappel down craggy cliffs at Cape Enrage, set up camp at Fundy National Park or head out to sea on a whale-watching excursion." We're sold! How about you? 

Acadia: Acadia was a French colony in the Maritimes during European settlement. Although the British soon took over, Acadian culture is alive and well today, most notably in New Brunswick. Tourism New Brunswick writes, "a drive along the scenic routes of New Brunswick’s Acadian coast will immerse you in vibrant communities and a rich cultural scene. Museums, historic sites and living-history villages bring the Acadians’ remarkable 400-year-history to life, while restaurants and galleries provide a distinctively modern connection to the past." See it for yourself during your next visit! 

Magnetic Hill: Are you ready for a mystery? "This amazing natural phenomenon has been baffling visitors for over 80 years," says the Moncton, New Brunswick. "Sit back and be amazed as you drive your car to the bottom of Magnetic Hill, take your foot off the brake and roll back uphill - Amazing!" While you're in the area, check out the Magnetic Hill Zoo and the Magnetic Hill Winery. 

Have fun exploring beautiful New Brunswick and make sure to tag any photos you take with #exploreNB for a chance to be featured on their official website. Share this post with friends and start planning your New Brunswick, Canada trip today! 

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