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In honor of Canada's 150th birthday, we are featuring a different province each week. This week we are highlighting the beautiful maritime province of Nova Scotia! 

Nova Scotia's beginnings were very similar to Prince Edward Island's. Originally inhabited by the Mi'kmaq First Nations people, there is evidence of human occupation on Nova Scotia dating back 11,000 years! Nova Scotia was named by the European explorers who stumbled upon it, using the Latin translation for "New Scotland." The land was fought over by both the first nations people who had already settled it and the European immigrants who wanted it. After a long and messy history, Nova Scotia eventually became one of the founding provinces of the Canadian Confederation in 1867. 

Nova Scotia's main natural resource is fishing; it is why the province was so passionately fought over for so long. However, after an overfishing crisis, the province had to turn to other means for economic support. You might be surprised to learn that Nova Scotia holds almost half of Canada's military assets and that its aerospace sector generates almost $500 million in revenue! Not surprisingly at all, Nova Scotia is a very popular filming location for T.V shows and movies. It has also become a very popular place for outdoor enthusiasts and foodies to travel! 

Nova Scotia is celebrating Canada's 150th birthday with, oddly enough, an antique chair. CBC News reports, "Bria Stokesbury, curator at the Kings County Museum, pulled the small antique chair from the remnants of her neighbor's spring cleanup a year and a half ago." Bria says, "[People] take it out, borrow it for a couple of days, and [photograph] it in a place or location or event that means something special to them to celebrate the important aspect of this country."

The chair is becoming well known across the province as a symbol of Nova Scotia's contribution to Canada. Many people overlook Nova Scotia, but in a lot of ways, it epitomizes Canada. The people are kind and generous, the province has worked hard to provide for its citizens, and nothing says Canada quite like the view standing on the edge of a Nova Scotian cliff, overlooking the Scotian Shelf. 

Nova Scotia has been added to our Bucket List of must-sees. What about you? Make sure to share this with your friends and check back in for a post on all the fun things to do in Nova Scotia coming out Thursday! 

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