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Did you know that Nova Scotia is one of the top provinces Canadians say they want to explore? It's definitely on our bucket list. If you're planning to visit Nova Scotia, here are three experiences you do not want to miss out on:

York ReDoubt: Built in 1793 at the start of the war between France and Britain, the fortress of York ReDoubt made Halifax the most heavily guarded city in all of Canada. This historical site "[features] interpretive panels, tunnels, muzzle-loading guns, and a World War II Command Post.  Visitors are invited to stroll along the many walking trails, wander among the armament and fortifications and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the Halifax Harbor." This is a great opportunity to see part of Canada's history. 

The Town of Lunenburg: If you love cute costal towns, small boutiques, boat dock views, heritage homes and the freshest seafood you will ever eat, Lunenburg is for you. This sweet haven nestled into the coast of Nova Scotia has widely become know as the Maritime's best small town, a perfect representation of Maritime culture and the epitome of Maritime coastal beauty. This town is every photographers dream and is just the right combination of relaxing and exciting. Come for the views, stay for the breath of fresh air. 

Shaw's Landing: You don't have to pretend anymore; we know exactly why you want to visit Nova Scotia. Like so many, you have heard tales of their glorious seafood and you want to experience it first hand. If you are looking for the best of the best, a place authentic and local, go to Shaw's Landing. "Located only five minutes from the iconic Peggy's Cove, dining at Shaw's Landing certainly offers its diners a quintessential east coast experience. Nestled literally on the shores of a fishing cove in a tiny inlet called French Village, Shaw's Landing serves up some delicious seafood worth taking note of" (CBC News). The rave reviews speak for themselves. Add this to your travel itinerary. 

Explore beautiful Nova Scotia today!

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