Open House Tips & Tricks

The time is nigh! You have signed on with your amazing Realtor (Ken Richter is wonderful, isn’t he?), you have a big ‘FOR SALE’ sign on the front lawn, and the day of your open house is coming quickly. Your house may be beautiful just the way it is, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some extra attention. You need to make an amazing impression on all open house attendees, after all.

First things first, do some touch-ups! Paint over the chips on the walls, fix the loose banister railing, replace that burnt-out light bulb—just generally mend all scrapes and bruises that need fixing. While some people enjoy a project, most are not interested in buying your fix-er-up.

Do some home staging! Put away all the things that make your home unique to you—such as that enchanting shag-rug from your Aunt Ruth and your daughter’s collage of One Direction posters on her wall. Potential buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your home, which is hard to do when they have to mentally peel away all of your things. That being said, de-clutter! Make the space look bigger and thus, more inviting.

Clean your entire house unlike anything you have ever cleaned before! Power wash the outside, wipe down the counters, vacuum, sweep, scrub, adjust, repeat! No one wants to walk into a dirty household. Add touch of Febreeze to each room and you are good to go! Remember: different people will have different cleanliness standards than you. Be safe and reach high—it will be nice for prospective buyers and for you!

Clean! Leave out some treats! Be on your best behavior! Be as prepared and as welcoming as you would be if the queen of England were the one touring your home. If there was ever a time when first impressions were especially important, this is it.

Your realtor can help walk through your home with you and give you a list of things to do, so talk to them! They are your best resource for making the entire process of selling your home the easiest it can be. Work hard and it will pay off.

So, put on your brightest smile, put forth the best version of your home and property that you possibly can, and good luck!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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