Outdoor Deterioration

Even the best built home filled with the fanciest appliances will experience normal wear and tear as the years go on. How quickly this happens depends on a number of factors, such as materials, installation, climate, use, etc.. This is completely natural and should be expected. The problem is most homeowners do not expect it–or, they forget about it and then are hit with unexpected and bank account altering issues.

By taking preventative measures and really caring for every part of your home, you can make it last much longer without the hardship of replacing things. Here are some areas outside of the home with things you can do now to prevent damage to them:

Roof: Spring and summer are the perfect time to do roof maintenance since it is so nice outside. Check every part of the roof to make sure no shingles or tiles are missing. Look for any blistering that the sun has caused. Clear the rain gutters from debris so water does not pool. Take note of anything that could become problematic by next year.

Siding: Do yourself a favour and rent a power washer for the day. Use a combination of soap and water to clean the outside of your home. While you do that look for any loose siding that may need to be fixed or replaced. Use caulking where necessary.

Decks: Every deck in Calgary should have a water-resistant, clear finishing coat on it. Adding this will prevent moisture from seeping into the wood and rotting or warping it. Do this. Also make sure that the boards are tight and won’t break through, hurting someone.

Fence: Even the oldest fence can look brand new again if it is a given a fresh coat of paint! Make sure to do this, but do not forget to replace rotten boards altogether. Look out for protruding, rusty nails that could hurt someone. Also remember that the ground shifts throughout the seasons, so your gate may not close as easily as it did last year. Adjust the locks as necessary.

Good luck!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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