Painting Psychology

When buyers initially purchase a home one of the first things they want to do is customize it. They want it to truly feel like their home, rather than a piece of property they pay a mortgage on.

One of the first steps most homeowners take in creating an atmosphere that is truly theirs is painting. Often times, walls are painted to match their favorite color or the furniture. However, what if someone was to suggest that color preferences and furniture compatibility should have absolutely nothing to do with what colors are chosen for painting?

What most people neglect to remember is that there is a psychology to colors: different ones stimulate different emotional responses that can affect the atmosphere of each room. Want to maximize room aesthetics to enable an effective environment? Here is a list of five household rooms and the colors they look so good in…

1). Bedroom: Bedrooms should be a place of relaxation and tranquility. You don’t want to paint it a color that will stimulate your senses and give you loads of energy— like an orange color. You want to fall asleep peacefully. That is why green is the best color: it symbolizes tranquility and health, both things that a good sleep produce.

2). Living Room: The living room is where you go to relax after a long day. Lavender, or any pastel purple/pink, is a terrific color for this! It is an extremely soothing color that will keep you calm and comfortable as you take a break from your busy every day life.

3). Kitchen: Kitchen’s are often the first room in the house people go to in the morning, besides there own. You don’t want to paint a dreary color that will make you sleepy. It should be bright and lively! That’s why yellow is the perfect color to paint your kitchen! It will give you energy and get you excited for the day to come! Another bonus? Looking at the color yellow has been scientifically proven to increase metabolism!

4). Dining Room: Every house should have at least one accent wall with a brilliant color that really draws in the eye! The Dining Room is an excellent place for this, because chances are you spend a lot of time there eating and entertaining! Looking for a color that stimulates appetite and conversation? Go with red! It’s bright, it’s bold, and it is the perfect splash of color your home needs!

5). Home Office: When you are trying to accomplish work at home, it is easy to get distracted and ridiculously bored. These two things will lead to you getting less accomplished, making your office space less effective then it should be. So, paint it blue! Blue is said to be the most productive color because it helps keep people awake!

Happy Painting!

Your Real Estate Professional,

Ken Richter

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