Preparing for Winter

It is time to prepare for snow, Calgary.

We have had a beautiful, mild autumn this year! All of us here at Team Ken Richter hope you have had a chance to get outside and enjoy it. If not, take advantage of this weekend! Temperatures are expected to rise to 6 degrees Celsius, so get a warm drink and go soak in the sunshine.

With snow coming soon whether we want it or not, here are some items to take care of before it’s minus thirty with wind chill and these tasks become much more arduous:

Lawn Care: Rake up your leaves, give your lawn one last mow, remove any dead branches, tidy up the plant beds and take out your shovel from the shed. We recommend putting wooden stakes in the grass along flower beds so you don’t accidently shovel away your plants, and don’t forget to set out your green bin for collection once it’s full of organic materials from your green spaces.

Car Care: Do yourself a favor and go get your winter tires on before the wait time for a shop appointment is three weeks out. Make sure to do an oil change, top up all of the fluids, stock some extra containers of freeze resistant windshield wiper fluid in the back, and pull out your extension cord to plug in your car overnight. Make sure in your vehicle you have an emergency kit with water, snacks, warm layers, a first aid kit, and candle.

Home Care: If you have a pile of items to donate or take to the city dump, get those taken care of. Do a quick inspection of your home to make sure all doors and windows are sealed tight. Clear out the rain gutter so that snow can melt safely, pull out anything from the shed you’ll need over the winter, and do one autumn deep clean so you’re all set up for this new season.

Winter is coming!

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