Preparing Your Backyard For The Fall

This beautiful summer is slowly turning into a crisp fall, complete with frosty mornings and golden leaves. Stores are already rolling out Halloween decor and pumpkin inspired treats. While you pack away your summer dresses to make room for sweaters, also start thinking of how you can prepare your backyard for autumn.

There are a number of things you should be doing before the snow hits in order to prepare your backyard for autumn and winter. What’s the light at the end of the tunnel as far as cleaning and preparing is concerned? After doing the following things your backyard will be ready for one final barbecue!

First off, take care of outside structures such as children’s play places, tree houses, tables, sheds, decks, fences, etc.. Fix up any loose, unsafe ends to prepare it to endure a long winter. This will also make spring cleaning much easier because you won’t have to do so much work! We recommend looking into weather-proof coatings for everything. These coatings prevent water from seeping into the material and weakening it. If you want your outdoor structures to last the winter, an all-weather coating is important (and also fairly inexpensive when you compare it with the price of having to replace everything).

Take care of the garden! Harvest flowers you want to preserve before it gets cold and they start dying. Collect any and all fruit and vegetables you want to keep before they get frost-bitten, too! We recommend canning the fruit you won’t use immediately. This is a great way to preserve it! If you have too many vegetables to use yourself, consider donating them to your local homeless shelter or to families in need. Fresh greens are always a great charitable gift!

Finally, if you had plans this summer to do some landscaping, get it done now! Trust us. It will be so worth it come snowfall.

Now you’re all ready for the fall and for your barbecue! We recommend trying out Drunk Chicken. The ingredients are simple and the outcome is sweet, tender meat that falls of the bone and melts in your mouth. For a recipe, check out the following: Drunk Chicken Recipe

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